Breaking down barriers and creating opportunities

Help Them Rise

There is no obstacle, no crisis, no barrier that children cannot rise above if only we rally around them.

“We Rise” celebrates the incredible strength and resiliency that children can discover in themselves, and the changes they can make when that power is set free.

“We Rise” is inspired by the poetry of two young girls: Marie and Aminata, members of a Right To Play child rights club in Mali. Through their art and their activism, they are determined to eliminate child marriage in a country where half of all girls are forced to marry before they are 18.

They’re not alone – all over the world, thousands of children are standing up against exploitation. You can make a crucial difference by supporting them.

Our Anthem

It's a rallying cry, a call to action, an anthem for every child who is rising above adversity. Our Anthem video features incredible children overcoming challenges that seem impossible. Watch it to see how you can help more of them rise!


Games Over Guns

Whether they are child soldiers or refugees, too many young lives are scourged by the wars of adults. Even one child soldier or refugee is too many. Games Over Guns celebrates children who refuse to be victims. Children who rise above conflict and reject the senseless cycles of violence. Children who choose to build peace, in their communities and their countries.


Resignation Letter

It’s modern-day slavery, but we can end it. The worst forms of child labour, brutal, degrading and dangerous work, are rampant. Resignation Letter shows how every day, children are empowered to leave behind factories, mines and farms to go back to school and create opportunities that shape better futures.


Help them rise

You can transform a child's life.