Golfing with heart

Having fun together doing something good and helping children in need of protection at the same time, that was and still is one of the most important concepts of a successful charity event. However, many active golfers are not necessarily aware of the fact that charity events do not only take place in the music industry, but also in the sports sector and especially in golf.

Golf is still considered by many non-golfers to be the sport of the elite and the rich. Though in fact it is a question of passion and not prestige that makes golf so popular. When people play golf together, they experience each other in all their facets, their weaknesses and strengths. Thus, it is the tolerant and humble attitude of many amateur and professional golfers that motivates them to get involved in protecting and supporting the most vulnerable children around the world.

With our partnership with YouGolfTours, a specialist for organizing golf trips to the world's most attractive golf destinations, we want to inspire golfers to play for a better world. A world where children can grow up in dignity, know their rights and have a perspective for their future.