Participation Transforms Lives

Participation is no small thing. For children living in the most challenging circumstances, participation is more than a ribbon: it's an opportunity to break down barriers and create a better future.

For children living with disabilities, participation means being included equally in sports and games with their peers. For girls around the world, it means standing up to harmful traditional practices and claiming their right to attend school. For children living in conflict zones, refugee camps, or extreme poverty, it means opportunities to grow and heal through play.

You can play a part in transforming children's lives.

By giving the gift of participation this holiday season, you can help level the playing field for the world's most marginalized children.

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Youth Are Playing Their Part

Children and youth in Right To Play programs around the world are participating in changing their lives and their communities for the better:

We're playing our part

For over 20 years, in 15 countries, Right To Play been collaborating with governments, educators, coaches, parents, and communities to help children unlock their innate strength and rise above adversity. As an organization, we:


  • In Mali, we protect children against child labour, female genital mutilation, early marriage, and begging. Our work reached 85,000 children and 1,400 teachers and coaches in over 200 villages. 70% of children felt safe in their communities at the end of the project, compared to 39% at the start.


  • In Ghana, 73% of girls in Right To Play-supported schools showed improved reading, compared to 60% in other schools.


  • In Senegal, we’re empowering 10,000 adolescent girls and boys to build positive life skills, and challenge gender-based violence through sport and play.

Will you Play Your Part?

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We all have a part to play in ensuring a better future for children and youth around the world. Donations from our generous supporters are critical in ensuring we have the capacity to deliver programs that are sustainable and leave a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Where does my donation go?

We're proud that 85.4% of our fundraising goes directly back to our programs, including:

  • Training for community-based teachers and coaches
  • Salary for locally-hired youth workers
  • Funding for community Play Days, after school programs, intergenerational events, summer camp programming and sport/recreation clinics
  • Healthy food and snacks for children and youth
  • Hygiene kits and sanitary supplies

Try Our Games Yourself

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Right To Play is a leader in using play-based approaches both inside and outside the classroom to create safe, supportive environments where children can learn and grow.

We invite you to see the power of play yourself by trying some of the games below. Each of these games (and hundreds more) are used every day in our programs to help children learn to protect themselves and others, advocate for their rights, and build skills that will last a lifetime.