Théo Gmür

Para Alpin Skiing

"Right To Play gives children in underprivileged countries the opportunity to experience sport, respect, fun but also for themselves. I am in favor of this initiative and I commit myself as a Right To Play ambassador. The chance I was given, every child should have. Physical and cultural differences should not be an obstacle to a child's physical development. People believed and still believe in my abilities and my wildest sports dreams, sport is in my opinion one of the most beautiful schools of life, which all children should have the right to."

Théo Gmür is a Swiss disabled athlete in the Swiss Paralympic ski team. A tragic accident with right-side hemiplegia in his sleep at the age of two did not stop him from following his dreams in sport. Since 2012 he has been pursuing a professional skiing career, marked by numerous international successes, three Paralympic titles and multiple world championships. Theo Gmür is Right To Play's athletes' ambassador since 2019.